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Is the water sent/delivered to your customers in the same good condition while been bottled?


 Unfortunately this is impossible in the 21st century..  

Your valuable liquid products been polluted in many ways during transport and storage!




The outer environment is no longer as neutral as it was 50 years ago!

Electromagnetic and toxic emissions are nearly omni-present and haves deep influences on the quality of ALL products with a high proportion of water – including mineral water!

Emissions by transformer stations, radio masts and telegraph poles, satellites, directional radio and many other permanently increasing interferences directly and negatively influence the water body and significantly diminish quality.

Once your products arrive the consumers home, the situation gets even worse..

It is heightened due to typical electronic and radio-technical interferences used in most private households. 

Besides the common mobile phone and Bluetooth there are radio mouses for the computers, halogen lights with transformer -  mostly within vicinity of the bottle storage area.

Even if you are offering high quality water: after transport and storage EVERY water is diminished in quality and taste!

There was never before a corresponding intensity of negativly environmental influences in history!


To illustrate this point:

emf2.jpg  water-glass.jpg

Result:  water structure been demolished and looks like this:


(electron microscope photo)

For comparison:

A strong, undisturbed and healthy water structure looks like this:


Strong Water body after transport of several days WITH Waterprotection Quality-Code procedure.

(Electron microscope photos: BBT archive.)



You have gain now some insight into these problems affecting you as a producer/bottler.


With proven lasting effects in protection of products from quality diminishment, BIO BALANCE TECHNOLOGY New Zealand  has achieved product protection and neutralisation of interference for more than a decade.

In several years of intensive research a procedure (method) has been developed and produces astounding results. 

The KNOW-HOW is derived from quantum-physics research of the last decades and is transformated in everyday life solutions.

The academically certified method is designed for protecting the water body of liquid products (f.i.: out of equalizing gradients of the magnetic structure)


Protection is maintained during transport and storage by establish a protective field neutralising negative environmental influences.


The method is absolutely non invasive. The body of the water is been cleared of all manner of chemical, physical and irradiating disturbances on a subatomic level!

Very important:  regulatory processes and chemical constituents are not altered!

We mentioned before that our new procedure has been developed and is based on quantum dynamism (for the purpose of bio-compatibility with the living organism)

This simply means: the described protective feature is implemented within an especially programmed “QR - Code”! 

This CODE must be fixed on the outside area of every bottle (f.i.: printed on the back or front label)


We imprint QR-Codes with special informations - out of quantum dynamic knowledge.

Order your Waterprotection QR-Codes for YOUR products!  (just print on your products/labels.)   


What is a QR-Code with Waterprotection programming?


Like the omnipresent barcode QR-Codes getting increasingly important.

Opportunities for new marketing ideas for your products are almost endless! 

With QR-Codes you can refer to your web site, link onto lotteries or your blog and a lot more... - an important aspect to open up markets for the younger generation - and this Codes fulfill  protection needs as well.

With actual mobiles and IPADs a QR-Code automatically link to any products homepage.  The customer can find detailled informations about your products simply and immediately.

Please find out more about this QR technology. (Wikipedia link)

With our special and ongoing programming (Waterprotection procedure) to this Codes your products increase to so called  "biocompatibility" for the human body.

.... Your valuable bottled water becomes increaseingly "biocompatible", that is: the human organism indicates greater readiness to consume and digest them in the best possible way.


People will prefer your bottled water.

Turn over rises.




Please have a look at the following video (3:36 min)

Helen Loveday -  international well-known Bioresonance therapist and trainer - is testing a CODE  (in the movie an Aqua-Vitalizer-Code, protecting water from diminishing influences) with a so called Bioresonance device (Bicom).  She is testing the influence of this Code on the Meridian System of a test person.

As you will notice the energy level of the test person is increasing immediately while in contact with the water connected to the Code.




WELCOME into the 21. Century !!






















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